We are responding to a need in the London dance community for weekly affordable ballet and yoga classes in London for contemporary dancers. In partnership with theLodge.space, the morning classes will provide a casual but focused environment for you to take what you need for your day ahead.

Wednesday is a 75min yoga class and Thursday is a 90 min ballet class, both taught at an intermediate level and tailored to the needs of a contemporary dancer. Class will be held in a lovely studio overlooking Southwark Park with sprung floors, air-conditioning and natural light.

The classes will be taught by Eve Veglio-White (yoga) and Helen Cox (ballet) featuring occasional guest teachers such as Rebecca Evans (Pell Ensemble) and Andrea Kamienski (Shobana Jeyasingh Dance).

Interested in teaching? Join the growing pool of teachers by emailing openclass.dance@gmail.com.